Why Am I Ineffective at Closing Sales?

Sales professionals are the backbone of any successful business. If you’re closing sales, you’re making money. If you’re not, you’re quickly headed for trouble.

If you’re asking, “Why am I Ineffective at closing sales?” Then you’ve come to the right place.

Why Am I Ineffective at Closing Sales?

All of these reasons are why you’re messing sales calls and not ranking amongst top performers.

The Customer Doesn’t Trust You

When you show up to a meeting, you’re there to sell it. You know it, but so does your customer. Why should a customer trust someone who clearly stands to gain from taking money out of their pocket? That’s your problem as a salesperson, and you must find a way to solve it.

Trust doesn’t come easy but is built by establishing a human connection with the client. Take the time to get to know the person. Listen more and speak less. Ask questions and provide the client with an opportunity to divulge valuable information you can use in your sales pitch.

Many individuals fail at selling from the get-go by focusing on a strategy around the product and its benefits. While it’s important to understand what you’re selling, what you’re really selling is the customer. Get to know the customer, find their pain points, and determine the right opportunity to pitch your customer only once the relationship is established.

The Product Didn’t Address the Customer’s Needs

Many salespeople have success in establishing friendly connections but fail to close the sale. This usually happens because you didn’t actually hear what the customer needs.

Establishing a connection is less about making friends and more about probing for information. If the customer doesn’t feel the product addresses his or her concerns, then you probably failed to identify something along the way.

Ask questions designed to fish out problems. Once your customer confesses their problems or concerns, think about how your product or service fixes it, and make that known to the customer. If your leader was properly vetted, then you know they’re there to buy. Allow them to tell you why they need to buy and sell the product to them.

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