Want to learn how to make a professional email signature for free?

Tom Keenan's Professional Email SignatureToday’s message is short but if you have yet to implement this into your business, you’re missing out.  Many friends and colleagues have contacted me and want to learn how to make a professional email signature for free. If you’re someone who own’s or operates a business this is something that you could do very quickly to help brand your company. Most times for free, or for a simple investment of maybe five bucks, you can get a custom email signature made that’s branded to your business. You can even include your logo or headshot and add clickable links.

It’s definitely an action item to tackle because it’s going to increase the overall perception of you as a professional. Below I will share some resources of where you can go online to get this done. I challenge you to look into it when you get some free time today.

Personally, I use fiverr.com for creating our professional email signatures over here at Top Class Installations. I send it out and have it done. It’s a better use of my time to let the professionals knock this out while I focus on higher level, revenue generating activities.

Once you log into fiverr.com and create an account, it’s as simple as entering the search phrase “custom email signature”. Once you find a person who’s style you like, place the order. Next you will typically be prompted to provide them with the details that you want entered into your new signature such as name, email, business name, phone number, logo, headshot, etc. Make sure you give the person explicit instructions on what you want done. I can’t stress this enough!

As for free resources you can Google “free email signature template” or “free email signature builder”. There’s software out there that lets you enter your data manually and kicks out the signature for you instantly.

The only catch to that, since it’s free, the provider typically embeds a link on the bottom of the software that says, “Hey, click here, and you could do this, too.” If you wanted to remove the branding of the company that’s providing the service, you’ll have to pay for it, which I get.

One of the companies who is currently providing free professional email signatures is HubSpot. You can find it by going to https://www.hubspot.com/email-signature-generator. HubSpot is a kickass CRM software for sales and marketing. If you enter your data on their site, they’re going to contact you afterwards to pitch you on their products and services. Just beware, but that’s a small price to pay for an awesome resource that happens to be free.

I think that this simple branding technique is something that many solopreneurs or new business owners neglect to implement when starting out. In my eyes, it’s a quick win that costs little to no money and requires minimal effort to setup. The benefit is that you immediately become more professional.

Moving forward, who knows what that added professionalism will land you? You don’t know the size of the job or the scope of work that might come across your desk, just because your customers perception is reality. If someone thinks that you’re a bigger, more professional company than you really are, just ROLL WITH IT! Their perception becomes your truth.

I have always believed in saying YES first and figuring out HOW later.

Have a great day!

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