Time Decay

Have you ever noticed that the longer you think about taking action, the harder it becomes to act?

How many times have you had to make that tough phone call, and yet you keep procrastinating, and due to your procrastination, it now becomes harder to make that call. 

Or you’ve delayed so long that you’ve now let other less important tasks take priority over making the phone call. 

The excuse you say to yourself, or your boss is, “I lost track of time.”

Another analogy is this, you’re a guy hanging out at a local bar, and you see an attractive woman. But instead of taking immediate action and going over and introducing yourself, you wait.

Time Decay

The more you wait, the more you begin to doubt yourself. You say to yourself “is she attractive enough, am I good enough, am I wearing the right clothes, maybe she won’t be into me.”

This negative self-talk paralyzes you into taking no action.

Inaction such as this is called time decay.  

The more time that you let pass, the more fear and self-doubt creeps in, ultimately devaluing the potential outcome of the situation. 

In the first analogy, if you had just picked up the phone and called the angry client without delay, you may have been able to save the deal and the relationship with the customer.

The best way to lessen the effects of time decay is to take immediate action upon having that first thought.

If you see an attractive person while out, don’t delay, approach them immediately, and start a conversation. 

If you need to call an angry customer, don’t put it off as this will only throw more fuel on the fire.

Pick up the phone and call them NOW. 

If you’re in sales and get a new lead, pick up the phone and call, text, or email your prospect ASAP!

Don’t allow time decay to take great people and opportunities away from you. 

The time is N:OW


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