Those Who Can’t, Coach

Those who can’t, coach. 

This statement has to be the biggest line of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my professional career. And I typically hear it from those who are scared of coaching or have had poor experiences from shitty coaches.

Coaches who are good at what they do invest time into coaching others so that they can become great at what they do. 

When you teach someone how to do something, you force yourself to learn it better. This is why coaching will bring you from good to great.

Those Who Can’t, Coach

If you’re struggling in life, I recommend hiring a coach or mentor to get you through the issues that are holding your life back. 

Every time I invested in myself and hired a coach, massive changes have happened in my life. Coaching isn’t just business-related; it applies to all areas of life. 

If you’re struggling with your health and fitness, hire a coach who specializes in health and fitness.

If you’re struggling with your business, hire a coach who specializes in helping companies within your industry get through the challenges that you’re facing. 

If you are struggling with your finances, hire a financial advisor, CPA, Bookkeeper, or CFO. 

If you’re struggling with your relationships, hire a therapist who’s an expert on relationships. 

The bottom line is that if you want it bad enough, you will invest in your future self and do the required work. 

Hiring a coach is not a quick-fix magic pill to solve your problems. But hiring the right coach will shorten your learning curve on your journey to finding what it is that you deem successful. 

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