Thinking To Succeed w/Kris Whitehead

Today’s guest happens to be one of my personal coaching clients in the Break Free Academy – Apex Executives program. 

He is the founder of Think to Succeed and the owner of New England Custom Remodeling.  He is also a High-Performance Personal and Professional Development Coach. 

Kris exploded Think to Succeed in a worldwide coaching practice in mere months and has owned and operated 5 successful businesses over the last 17 years. 

These businesses ranged from 2 Design/Build companies, Real Estate Investing, and profitable online businesses. 

Kris’s expertise pinpoints the fundamental building blocks required to succeed in today’s marketplace, on or offline.

Kris brings relevant and necessary strategies into the post-recession economy and empowers his clients to achieve the results they are unable to produce based upon outdated modes of business modeling. 

Kris’ primary focus is on the individual within the organization, the mindset, and actions that are required to truly achieve exceptionally rapid levels of success. 

Stripping away all of the laborious and inefficient to-do’s that simply don’t produce, Kris’ mastery of laser-like focus and immediate implementation drive his client’s results while imparting the knowledge and wisdom required to truly empower his clients to win at any goal they choose in the future! 

Thinking To Succeed

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