The Power Of Being A People Person w/Lynn Swezey

Do you ever take a step back?

Are you capable of making a personal plan?

Taking the time to put considerable thought into what you’re doing with your life is immensely valuable. 

Being personable with everyone is beneficial because you never know who you’re talking to.

Regular conversations can turn into great opportunities.

The Power Of Being A People Person

Two Ears And One Mouth:

  • Don’t Assume That You Know Everything
  • Talk Less And Listen More
  • Your Customer Will Tell You What They Want

In this episode of GPS Tracking Installers, Tomas speaks with Lynn Swezey, Director of Member Services for MEA. 

They discuss how to jump into new industries and succeed.

Study leadership and display your drive to carve out the position that you truly want.

“It was pretty dynamic how it all came together.”

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