The Lack Of Professional Salespeople w/ Jay Cook

Whether you are in the GPS tracking and installing industry or another industry, a big hurdle entrepreneurs are facing is the lack of professional salespeople.

The quality of a company’s sales team can make or break its success.

In this GPS Tracking And Installers Podcast episode, Tomas Keenan is talking salespeople with fellow entrepreneur Jay Cook.

Jay Cook has been in the mobile electronics industry for over 20 years.  He graduated from the Toronto location of Mobile Dynamics in 1996 with the hopes of becoming an installer.  In 1998 he was hired at Columbus Car Audio in Columbus, OH as a salesperson with the hopes of becoming an installer.  

Instead, Jay became their top salesperson for most of his career.  So much so, that his role evolved into continuously coaching and training his staff to sell based off of a high set of standards.  In August of 2019, Jay won the Mobile Electronics Association’s – Salesperson of the Year award.  

Jay feels the mobile electronics industry is lacking professional salespeople.  He is looking to give back and help grow the sales side of the industry with the lessons he has learned from coworkers, friends, and family.  Jay believes that sales and installers need to work hand in hand in order to deliver the greatest customer experience to those who matter most… our customers!

The Lack Of Professional Salespeople

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