Targeting And Identifying Your Ideal Client And Project w/ Mike Claudio

Understanding who you want to do business with is key to growing sales within your business.

The more you know about your ideal client the easier it will be to earn them as a customer.

Today’s guest is Mike Claudio, a Business Development and Sales professional with 15+ years of experience. He spent 9+ years being trained in a corporate environment by one of the top training companies in the country.

He has taken that Sales and Business development training and over the last 6 years has translated it into a system that works in the construction industry. This has allowed him to help several companies grow by millions of dollars in revenue by implementing a structured approach to communication, follow through and follow up.

In 2018 he started WinRate Consulting which is focused on coaching contractors in sales and communication practices to help them create a more consistent pipeline. The basis of everything he does and teaches is based on Identifying your ideal clients and projects, knowing how to Target them, properly Qualifying the opportunities when they come in, and how to differentiate yourself to close the deal.

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