Systematically Creating A Business That Serves Your Life w/ Jessica Stroud

When you run your own business you can easily fall into the trap where you don’t run your business, it runs you.

Does your business allow you to spend time with family and friends and live the life of your dreams?

Do you find yourself strapped to your business like it’s a ball and chain?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this GPS Tracking And Installers Podcast episode, Tomas Keenan is chatting with Jessica Stroud about building a business that serves your life.

Jessica Stroud owns Midwest Insurance Solutions, an independent insurance brokerage in Shawnee Kansas just outside of Kansas City.  She jumped into insurance about 4 years ago and quickly became the #1 Referred Insurance Agent in all of Kansas City. She received over 500 referrals in 2019. 

Her biggest accomplishment is that she’s been able to do that while ALSO taking numerous adventures with her family each year.  

Jessica has systematically created a business that serves HER life instead of the other way around.

Jessica believes you CAN live the life of your dreams.  You just have to define what “the life of your dreams” looks like. 

Systematically Creating A Business That Serves Your Life

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