Should I Attend The Conference?

In this GPS Tracking And Installers Podcast episode, we’re gonna talk about conferences.  

People hit me up all the time asking why they should or shouldn’t attend conferences. 

My guess is that they see me traveling often and wonder if it’s right for them. 

The answer I give is always the same. 

Never go just to go. Don’t run out on your business just to “get away”.

You must go with a plan of attack; an end goal in mind. 

Without a proper plan pre, during, and post-show you’re just wasting time.

Today we’re gonna talk about that plan.

You’re investing a significant amount of money to travel and attend these specialized events that have the potential to change the trajectory of not only you but also your business.  Don’t fuck it up!

On the other hand… 

I see so many people who are unwilling to get out of the office or out from under a dashboard because it’s not familiar to them. 

Should I Attend The Conference?

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