What Other's Say.

“Tom Keenan has many talents. We speak often and discuss issues that plague many business owners. From his experience and learning over the years he has given me skills that I did not have before we met. I’ve had many take away’s from our discussions. Our discussion on how to prioritize my time was the most influential. Using his methods on time studies has not only changed my business but changed my entire perspective on life. Tom has quite literally made me a better person first, then a better business owner. I am truly honored to consider him a friend and colleague.”

John Mease

President at Fenix Fleet Services

Baltimore, MD

“Tomas has helped me both in business and personally to step out of my comfort zone, I guess the best way to put it is if you’re comfortable you’re not growing. His Facebook group, GPS Tracking Installers has given the opportunity to a lot of installers to improve their skills and network with other GPS installers across the country. In my opinion, most installers are out there grinding every day and feel alone and misunderstood, myself included. Tomas helped prove to me that we’re not out here alone. There are many installation brothers out there doing exactly what we do and seeing the crazy things we see. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibilities of the GPS Tracking Installation industry.”

Mike Cosgrove

Owner at Pro2Call Fleet Installations

Alexandria, VA

“Tomas Keenan is the type of man you call when you need to get shit done. A proud husband and dedicated father, he knows how important it is to hold true to your word. A business owner, entrepreneur, author, and someone I call a friend… He knows how to push past your limits, remove your excuses, and motivate you to achieve more than you knew you could. If you need someone to help you reach the next level in life and in business, Tomas Keenan is your guy. One piece of advice though… BE READY TO DO THE WORK!”

Drewbie Wilson

Break Free Academy at Break Free Academy

Dallas, TX

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