Personal Development: You’re Not a Good Leader Without It

I’m a firm believer that you can only lead your business as far as you have personally worked on yourself. If you’re a person or a business owner who’s resistant to change, and you’re the one who’s always saying things like, “Well, we’ve always done it this way. We don’t need to change it because this has always worked.” I hate to break it to you, but you’re the roadblock in your business. If you truly want to grow, both as a person and as a business, you are going to have to embrace change. And even more than embrace it, you are going to have to actively seek it out.

Personal Development forces you to grow

I believe that the best way to embrace change is to re-spark your imagination. Now, you’re probably wondering how you could do that, and I’ll tell you:

  1. Read more. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to re-spark your imagination and invite change into your life. In fact, reading is one of the best forms of personal development available to us.  If reading isn’t your thing, or you believe you don’t have time to read, listen to audiobooks. In this day and age, there is no excuse for you not to be expanding your knowledge.
  2. Watch motivational or educational YouTube videos. You can find literally anything you’reinterested in on YouTube, they’re free, and there are millions of videos to choose from.
  3. Attend conferences/join a mastermind. Doing this one thing will fast-track your learning and growth. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of growth and personal development will push you in ways trying to do it all on your own won’t. Masterminds and conferences are also great because you have access to other business owners who are either going through things similar to what you are, or they’ve gone through them in the past. They are great places to get advice and guidance, even from people who may not be in the dame industry as you.
  4. Do the work. This one should be self-explanatory, but I know it’s not. You have to DO THE WORK, every single day. It’s the only way you will ever grow or change, and that matters.

Taking time to focus on your personal self-development isn’t a waste. In fact, it is the only way to grow your business. Like I said in the beginning, you can only lead as far as you yourself have gone. So, if you want to be the best leader you can be, and grow your team members and your business, personal development is the best and fastest way to do that.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

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