Paperless Profits

Today I’m going to teach you about the technology that we leverage in my 7+ figure per year service-based business to make us more efficient.

When we first started Top Class Installations over 10 years ago we captured all of our work data on paper forms.

It was inefficient and caused major cashflow issues

Techs were losing paperwork, it was getting wet in the rain, we had trouble getting the paper forms into the office.

All of this put a roadblock in front of billing.

We weren’t professional and it showed.

  • Round 1 – We hired a developer to build a custom app
  • Round 2 – built the form in-house on the back end of our website
  • Round 3 – We found the right form tool software

Paperless Profits


Problem was, it was a blank canvas.  I had to learn how to build the forms.  Sometimes as an owner or manager, you just need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

This took 2 years of trial and error to perfect.

In this process, I developed a 5-page proven method that is repeatable and scalable.

This process allows you to capture accurate field data digitally which will then speed up your cash flow.

You will also be able to perform remote quality control checks on your techs – think about the time saved here.

If you’re ready to increase your efficiency, increase the velocity of your cash flow, and increase your overall professionalism – take action now and go to

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