Leveraging Data To Grow Your GPS Tracking Business w/ Ryan Stewman

How do you find your customers?

Are they always going to be there?

A good economy can disguise a poorly run business.

When a recession hits, the downward spiral stretches far and wide.

Brace yourself for turbulent times before the storms arrive.

Capturing information can protect you when the going gets tough.

Leveraging Data To Grow Your GPS Tracking Business

The Capacity Of Leads:

  • Knocking On Doors Can’t Be Repeated
  • Word Of Mouth Relies On Dissipating Recommendations
  • Databases Are Infinite And Never Forget

In this episode of “GPS Tracking Installers,” Tomas and Ryan Stewman advise on how to build a financial safety net.

Personal information is as valuable as oil but much easier to attain.

Creating a rudimentary website can thwart oncoming disasters.

“If you’re not collecting rich people money right this minute, you have four years to get it or you’re in big trouble.”

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