“I Am” Are The Two Most Powerful Words Ever

If you don’t know me, you’re going to learn that “I Am” are my two favorite words. They strip the ambiguity of responsibility and allow crystal-clear accountability to rest on the shoulders of the person who CAN do something about it. Whatever “it” is.

For many people, the most challenging commitment to make is the one to themselves. Ask them to get up at 4 am to come to bail you out of jail, and there’s no problem. Ask them to set their alarm clock for 5 am to set time aside to think about their next 3 moves or work out for better health, and they can’t seem to get it done.

Give someone $50/hour to help you build your house, and they’re all in. Ask them when they’re going to create their own home, for a much greater return, and it’s something that they’re “getting to.”

I can remember many years ago when I struggled with the question, “Who am I?” I mean, what am I really here to accomplish? Is it to be wealthy? To have the ideal wife? Am I supposed to invent something special, or should I just get a job, follow a quiet life of peaceful days at work, waiting for Wednesday afternoon golf with the fellas and Sunday football?

Everything began to change with one pivotal conversation that turned, “Am I,” into “I Am.”

It all began with a discussion I had with a good friend back in my 20s who was a philosophy graduate. It was one of those heavy conversations where we discussed a singular starting point for any question anyone would have about life. Over a year’s worth of conversations eventually lead to a single word that has forever changed my life.

One late night we talked, and he broke it down to me, he said: “It Is.” Eventually, it just becomes the singularity “It.”

Over time, I realized that to supercharge the implied meaning behind our discussion, replacing the word “It” with “I” is where the rubber meets the road. Don’t get me wrong though, I AM super grateful for the opening that conversation started.

I AM who I am today because of It. See what I did there??


I Am…

These are the two Most Powerful words in the English language, at least to me.

I AM who I choose to be.

I AM whatever I put my mind to.


I’ve spent a lifetime relearning that. I’ve invested, sacrificed, explored. What separates those who win, and win big, from those who don’t is the belief in “I Am.” There is NO victimhood in that simple phrase. There is full accountability, laser-like focus, and an “if-then/go-to” mentality. It clears up the muddiness in the water. It puts the shoes back on the feet of the person who CAN do something about it. It FREES you to become capable of DOING what you must, to be who you envision yourself to be.

I Am…

2 small words that will guide you to whatever you want to experience while you’re traveling around the sun.


…I’ll see ya’ in the trenches!

Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash

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