Having Total Control Of Your Life 

Today’s guest is the president and founder of Ramsey Consulting Group, Inc., he has over 30 years of technical training and content development experience in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. 

As a former 12-volt specialist retail owner/operator, he knows the importance of conveying concise and focused information about in-vehicle technology firsthand. 

Since 1993, he has educated industry professionals all over the world. Many aftermarket 12-volt installation technicians have learned from his OEM Audio Integration and Automotive Electrical training seminars. 

He holds an Honorary MECP Master Installation Technician Certification and an ASE A6 Electrical Certification.

Brooke Ramsey, sister of Todd Ramsey, holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University in Washington DC. She’s worked in the counseling field since the mid-’90s in a variety of capacities.  

Brooke is currently employed in a school system in Arizona doing crisis counseling with students and their families. 

Brooke believes mental health is something that everyone is expected to manage, but often left to their own devices unable to navigate in a private way.

Normalizing and talking about mental health helps to empowerer a person to feel in control from life challenges.

Having Total Control Of Your Life 

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