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One of the biggest struggles most sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners face is how to get more done throughout the day. With the ever-growing amount of work required to grow and scale a business, it can be challenging to fit it all into a single day. Not to mention the sacrifices to family and personal time that always seem to be required of entrepreneurs and small business owners. So how can you accomplish everything you need to do without giving up the things you love?

Get more done, the smart way.

The first step to becoming more efficient with your time is to wake up earlier. It sounds simple right? That is until you start doing a deep dive on your sleep habits. Most folks will tell you that they NEED a solid 8 hours to be productive, and that may be true for them. However, if you take two people with similar skillsets and determination, but one guy sleeps 6 hours a night, and the other guy sleeps 8, the guy who sleeps six will end up with an extra 730 hours, or 18.25 forty-hour work weeks, in a single year.
Do you think you could get more done in a year with an additional 18 work weeks? That’s an extra four and a half months…
Once you get clear that out of 24 hours in a day, you can sleep six and still have eighteen hours of productivity left; you can start working on step two of the process.

What are your daily priorities, and how do you rank them for importance?

For many of us, we have families who need our attention. Spouses, as well as children, will expect you to be there for them daily, or they won’t be around for long.  You will need to make time for them on your calendar and stick to it consistently. Set time aside for breakfast, dinner, or both if you can. Those tend to be some of the most critical times for bonding with the people you love. You should also plan a date night or day at least once a week for you and your spouse, as well as one-on-one time with your children.
You must also put aside a minimum of 1 hour or more per day for personal development. That could be reading books, listening to podcasts, or absorbing industry-specific training that will help you become a master of your craft. This time is non-negotiable if you have any intention of getting paid more for your time as you grow.
Now that you have time carved out for your family, and your personal development, it’s time to put aside time for your work.

What do you need to get done to keep the needle moving forward in your business?

Are there specific tasks you must complete daily/weekly/monthly? If so, you will need to make sure those are accounted for on your calendar as well. Remember, if it’s on the calendar, it’s probably important, so don’t skip these things! Your calendar should be your boss. What the calendar says, goes! Make sure you are writing down every task that needs to get done, even if it seems small and insignificant now, it could very well be an essential cog in the machine.
After getting yourself organized for the consistent tasks that need to be done, it’s time to focus on the prospecting and sales side of your time. As you know, the only way to make money is by speaking to clients and selling them on your product or service. Unless your current marketing machine is running full tilt and bringing you new clients consistently, you’re going to have to make time for prospecting and sales calls. This can be one of the most time-consuming parts of any business, so make sure you are setting aside plenty of time for it. A few hours a day for prospecting and a few hours for sales doesn’t sound like much until you sit down and get to work.
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