Get Focused And Build Your Dream NOW

Just about a year ago, I went into my local Buffalo Wild Wings each day for 3 to 6 hours.

Before you start scolding me and telling me how much of an alcoholic I am, keep reading. 

You see, at this point, I was about 75% done with 3rd round edits of my book Unfuck Your Business. 

During these final weeks of writing and editing my book, I found it extremely difficult to work out of my home office and stay 100% focused.

I tried everything to stay focused. I started working early in the morning before the family woke. I tried working late after the family went to bed. I tried working with my laptop at the kitchen table. I even tried working on my computer while sitting on the couch.

None of these solutions seemed to work. That’s when I decided to head into Buffalo Wild Wings and sit in the corner like a serial killer typing away on my MacBook for three weeks straight.

I’m sure the staff there thought I was some complete weirdo who would walk into a bar in the middle of the day only to pull out a computer and voraciously type for hours on end.

I never told anyone there what I was doing. Honestly, it didn’t make a difference to me. I just put my head down and got to work.

Writing my book was all fun and games until the editing began. The outline process was excellent; writing the bulk of the content was great. But when it came time to edit, I wanted to give up. 

It was uncomfortable. 

I didn’t like doing it. 

It was tedious. 

As a matter of fact, I found myself doing other menial tasks that didn’t mean shit compared to becoming a #1 Bestselling Author.  

These are the games one’s mind plays on us when we’re in the middle of achieving something significant in life. It’s a trick from the Force of Average that many fall for. 

I realized that the Force of Average was trying to keep me from achieving my lofty goal. That’s why I went into Buffalo Wild Wings each day. I guess you can say I was dodging the FoA. 

Don’t let the outside world determine if you achieve your goals in life. Go after your dreams, regardless of the shit-show that life throws at you. 

If I had listened to the haters, naysayers, or my inner bitch voice, I would have given up. If I had given up, my book wouldn’t have positively impacted the thousands of lives and businesses that it has done in less than a year. 

Get to work building your dream.  And if you need inspiration, buy my book!

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