Fear, Don’t Let it Stop You

We’ve all been stopped in our tracks by fear. Anyone who says they haven’t is lying. Fear keeps us from going for our dreams, from reaching our goals, and from becoming the most elite version of ourselves. But what most won’t tell you is that fear is actually an acronym.


Most times we conjure up some bullshit story (aka…FEAR) that halts our forward progress.

Oh, I’m scared to tell my story.

I’m scared to fire the mediocre employee.

What if someone judges me.

What if a client hears about my failures.

What if, what if, what if…

Fear is a liar

What if you pushed your fear aside, told that story, and inspired others to be/do more with their own lives? What if you moved forward despite being afraid? Could you possibly do that?

Do you think you could push past that fear if it meant making a positive impact on another person’s life?

Do you think, if you were able to do that, it would eventually come back to you in a positive manner?

Helping others helps you

When you help others get what they want, you unlock the law of reciprocity.

Subconsciously they will begin helping you until they feel they are no longer indebted to you.

I think Zig Zigler said it best…

“Help enough people get what they want and they’ll conspire to make sure you get what you want!”

Go face your fears today. There’s no telling who you’ll help when you do!

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

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