EP 69: Samuel Smith – Relentless Self-Improvement (Even When It’s Not Pretty)

How often do you tell people all of your story? As entrepreneurs and leaders, we’re constantly tempted to leave out the unflattering details or present a more put-together face. But doing so is a massive disservice, not only to us but to everyone who’s watching us.

Coming from a background as a realtor and real estate investor Samuel Smith is the founder of a real estate company called Live in College Station and the host of the Small Business Surgeon Podcast, where he lays down unfiltered wisdom, high-quality interviews, and game-changing business advice.

On this episode of Step It Up Entrepreneur Podcast, Tomas and Samuel discuss Samuel’s story from his early wins as a teenager to the low points and his eventual comeback from alcoholism, their takeaways from a recent mastermind they attended (including the reasons it’s liberating and very necessary to share your honest story, struggles and all), and the ups and downs of even the most successful fitness journeys. Listen close – the conversation may be casual, but these guys are dropping powerful insight left and right.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What brought Samuel to the United States from England – and what ultimately kept him here
  • How Samuel warmed up to the practice of proactive gratitude each day, and the benefits he’s reaping now
  • Why the practice of MMA yielded results in Samuel’s life beyond just his physical fitness
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“Every morning, I write down the five things I’m grateful for and I go exercise and I do the school run and I get to the offic in e. And then every morning, I sit outside, I think about something useful, I post about it, and I write down a couple of things I’m grateful for. And what that does is, it reminds me again to be grateful. But now I’ve got a bit of a reputation on Facebook as a guy that spreads positivity and gratitude. So, take it and run with it. Like, carry that gratitude all day with you. That’s what I try to do.” – Samuel Smith

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