EP 57: Adam Niec – Pushing Through Pain and Causing a Disruption

What sticks out to you when you think of an entrepreneur you look up to? Most of the legends we make an example of came to be where they are with a mix of toughness, persistent desire to learn, and a well-earned sense of when to step back.

Adam Niec is the co-founder of Certain Pay, the creator of Rate Tracker, and a veteran and dedicated student of the credit card processing industry. He is steadily working towards instilling greater transparency, accountability, and a more positive image into the whole of processing. Adam is also a dedicated husband and father.

On this episode of the Step It Up Entrepreneur Podcast, Adam and Tomas break down the importance of learning to play with pain, the mental, operational and technical side of stepping back from your business, and Adam’s latest industry-disrupting innovative brainchild. Tune in to inject both valuable insight and outstanding energy into your week.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What college football taught Adam about running a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur.
  2. How becoming a parent makes you re-evaluate, reprioritize, and re-delegate your time, both in business and elsewhere.
  3. Why Adam threw himself into creating an intuitive, ethical product that’s going to change the way credit card fee processing is done.
  4. And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“The ability to play with pain, I think, is a huge thing. Because we get – as business owners, we get kicked in the teeth all the time, right? Things happen, and you just learn to not let it affect you and just keep playing, keep moving on that. And then also the ability to, like, have a goal and achieve it.” – Adam Niec

Connect with Adam:

Rate Tracker

Certain Pay


How to Get Involved:

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