5 Ways to Upgrade Your Facebook Profile

Hey, what’s going on everyone? I wanted to come at you today with 5 ways to upgrade your Facebook profile. If you upgrade your profile, you’re going to appear more professional and in turn, you’re going to generate more money for your business. I have a list of stuff here to go over with you, it’s pretty straightforward and simple. I want to start out and just let everyone know that the opportunities to make money on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or whatever your platform is that you’re most comfortable with are real. They’re there and you can definitely generate some serious income or additional income to what you’re currently doing.

➊ Your Real Name

You need your real name on your Facebook profile. This will help improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  It will make it easier for a potential customer to find you when they Google your name.  Many people are going to do some social recon or Google search you when they first meet you or are considering doing business with you.  If you pop up in a search easily, this will help provide social proof that you are who you say you are. Go ahead and Google an influencer that you know, someone who’s YouTube videos you watch, I guarantee you, you’re going to see links to their Facebook profile and content. It’s going to populate really quick and for free.  This is totally organic SEO optimization. In other words, it’s FREE!  The more active you are on Facebook, the better your organic SEO. A lot of people find it shady if you don’t use your real name on Facebook. Seriously, what are you hiding if you don’t use your real name? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see someone’s profile and their real name isn’t on there.  Again, think SEO.  If you meet someone and they’re doing social recon on you, will you pop up?  You most likely won’t if you’re using some alias.

➋ Picture of You

This is a big one. You have to have a picture of you. You can show your family in the picture, but you have to be in the picture. Personally, I’d go and hire a professional photographer. I recently did, it cost me less than $300 and took less than an hour of my time.  The quality of the photos was far superior to anything I could have generated. If you don’t have that option or you’re not willing to spend that money, I’m sure everyone here has a smartphone. 

I don’t care what phone you have at this point in time. The cameras in today’s phones are really, really good. Ask someone to come and take a picture of you. Go find a nice spot, a nice blank wall for a background and have a good photograph taken of you that’s current. You want something that’s within the last six months, if not closer and it’s got to be you.

➌ Where You Work

You need to fill out the about me section of you Facebook profile. You have to list where you currently work and where you have worked in the past. Briefly, let people know what you do, what you believe in, and what your interests are. Make sure that you enter clickable links to the company website and/or sales funnels.

➍ Where You Live

You need to list where you live. Now, you don’t have to list exactly where you live. I’m not saying to put your exact street address here but give a general area or region of where you’re from. It’s going to help you relate to people. Especially if you cover a specific region for your job.  For me, I live in Long Island, but I think that passes as New York. 

Someone might search me out and be like, “Oh, this guy covers New York. Great.” In reality, I’m an hour outside of New York City. If you’re, let’s say from Texas, and you’re in a small town outside of Dallas you can mark off that you’re from Dallas. Be sure to post a general area of where you are and are willing to cover, that way people can connect with you. It’s also another way to get people to know, like and trust you.

➎ Background/Cover Photo

Facebook ProfileThe last thing on the list is make sure you have a background or cover photo. It’s got to be something that shows who you are. If you’re into something, for instance, hot rods, if you’re in car audio, if you’re into scuba diving, whatever the case may be, you can have that in the background. Feel free to post up a photograph of your family here too, if that’s your thing. But the key point here is it’s got to be genuine. It’s got to be you. You don’t want to put something up there, some shit you don’t own, some fancy car that you’re hoping and dreaming of one day that you’re going to get. Some fancy yacht that … You get the point. You want to post something that shows you now and it’s got to be real. It’s going to help you connect with people, you’re going to appear more genuine, and I think that’s going to help you connect with the right people that you’re trying to attract. You have to think of your Facebook profile as your modern-day business card, it’s like a digital handshake pretty much. Take some time today and update your Facebook profile.  This is going to help build your brand, whether it’s for your business, for you personally or whatever the case is. Building a brand is super, super important and this is a small step in the right direction. If you do these couple of quick little things, you’re going to start to attract the right people into your life, into your business. And I’m telling you, you can turn this work into money.  These steps also apply to other social media platforms.

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