5 Ways to Stay Focused

The more focused you are on whatever you’re doing the better chance of whatever you’re doing being successful. 


We’ve all heard that “you get what you focus on” so you better get focused.


A common trait you will see amongst most successful people is how focused they are. 


When successful people set their minds on a goal they are laser-focused on it until they crush it. 


Being and staying focused can be a challenge so in this episode we are going to review five ways you can stay focused so you can stay on your A-game. 

5 Ways to Stay Focused

#1 Perform a time study

Study your time to establish a baseline. 


This will let you know real quick where you’re wasting time.  


Give brief instructions on how to perform the time study and what to do with the data. 

#2 Block Time your calendar

This goes hand in hand with the time study. As you study your time you should be marking it off in your calendar as your days progress. 


This gives you detailed information to analyze after the 2 week study period is over. 


From there you should be laying out your daily calendar in advance. This calendar becomes your boss. If a task or activity is on the calendar you complete it.  


If it’s not on the calendar, you schedule it when you’re next available. 


Obviously, if there’s an emergency you get off your ass and handle it. But honestly, most issues that arise truly aren’t emergencies.  


Get to it when your calendar says you’re next available date is or simply delegate the issue to someone on your team. 

#3 Take nootropics like Tao by Ultra Human

Start taking care of your body. You won’t notice a difference right away but I challenge you to give it 30 days. 


On top of taking supplements and nootropics, make sure you’re exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and limiting your alcohol intake. 

#4 Get the hard shit done first

Once again, your calendar is your boss. Make sure you get the hard shit done first thing.


In order to do this, you’ll have to schedule the toughest tasks early in the day. 


The reason you want to do the hard work first is that this is when your body is operating it’s best.


You just came off of a good night’s sleep (or I hope so). 


With all that rest you have the most energy available early in the day. 


Don’t let decision fatigue fool you into procrastination. 


Eat that frog and get shit done EARLY. 

#5 Get rid of distractions 

Every time you get distracted it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to get refocused. That’s a lot of wasted time. 


Don’t let the outside world distract you from listening to your boss, the calendar. 


In order to do this, you must make some changes. 


For starters, put your phone on silent. Don’t let phone notifications distract you from the task at hand. 


Yes, this means not answering phone calls unless the call has been scheduled and is on your calendar. 


Use a tool like Calendly so you can send out your availability when requested. 


If you’re sitting behind a computer all day like me, use a Google Chrome plugin called News Feed Eradicator to keep your Facebook newsfeed shut down. 


We all know that social media is a major distraction but only if we let it be.


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