5 Steps To Spotlight And Eradicate Negativity

Let’s talk about people.

Negative people to be precise.

You know, the ones who are demanding and suck all of the energy both positive and negative out of your body, which causes you to give them your attention and time as they drag you down with them.

We call these people energy vampires. 

These energy vampires tell you your dream is stupid or impossible. They inform you of this because they gave up or failed while going after their dreams.

Negative people are all around us, and I believe they make up the vast majority of the population. 

5 Steps To Spotlight And Eradicate Negativity

Here are five signs to look out for so you can spot negativity from a mile away.  

1. They can’t get enough negativity in their own lives

These are the ones that want to gossip with you nonstop. If you work in an office, they’re hanging out by the water cooler talking bullshit about everyone else while never reflecting upon themselves. They watch the news and feed their minds with negativity that the mass media is projecting daily.

2. They’re complainers

Negative people tend to bitch and moan convinced that the outside world is conspiring against them. They have a victim mentality and never take accountability for their actions.

They tend to blame things on the weather, their upbringing, their boss, or a customer.

3. Easily offended

Negative people tend to have fragile skin. These are the ones who flip out and make a big stink about the small thing in life that tend to not matter much in the end. 

4. They stay in their comfort zone

Negative people are like deer in the headlights of an oncoming car when it comes to getting uncomfortable. When I say uncomfortable, I’m referring to the fact that they cannot face discomfort, fear, challenges in life, or complete failure.

These limiting beliefs cripple their ability to move forward, causing them to stay stuck in mediocrity. 

5. Lack of gratitude

Negative people tend to miss out on the good things in life. A lack of gratitude causes this. A negative person very rarely recognizes any real joy, passion, or excitement.

When faced with good news or optimism, they quickly flip the script and turn it contrary.

Negative people are so tightly wrapped up in their misery that they hardly notice when you present them with a positive and potentially life-changing opportunity.

Now that I’ve shown you some common traits of negative people, it’s up to you to take some action. 

For starters, it’s time for a self-assessment to see if you are the negative one. 

Next, you need to audit your circle. Write down the names of the people you spend the most time with and play the stoplight game.

Next to each person’s name, put a red light, green light, or yellow light. 

Red light means they’re always negative. 

A yellow light means that they’re sometimes negative. 

A green light means that they’re mostly positive. 

Start limiting the time spend with people in the red light categories first. Then move onto the yellow. 

To be super transparent and upfront, this is not an easy exercise. You’re going to find that some of the people closest to you fall into the red-light zone.

It is up to you to make the tough decision and intentionally limit time with these people if you want to become the most elite version of yourself.

Get to work!


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